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Actual Energy Team

Licensed to operate in the Australian energy market and authorised to offer advisory services related to energy prices, Actual Energy is truly a seasoned professional enterprise of Australian energy market. Our strength lies in that we are not biased to any specific retailer and we source you genuinely competitive prices from a span of retailers all over the nation.

We offer energy consulting services to both home and business sector catering to their individual requirements. Energy market of Australia is characterised by rapid price changes and our strategic alliances with the energy retailers Australia wide ensure that your business or home gets the best possible energy rates so that your energy costs get cut down to the lowest possible extent.

We understand that every customer is unique and special. And with that knowledge, we are capable of formulating a customised energy management solution so as to reduce your energy costs which is suitable for your individual requirements and specific needs. Ours is a tendering model that makes the popular retailers compete with each other helping us to offer you the best rates.

Energy Procurement

Driven by our commitment to offering energy procurement solutions to businesses of any size, we strive to exceed the expectations of every client of ours. Having established strategic partnerships with some of the reputed energy retailers of Australia, Actual Energy is capable of sourcing the most cost effective energy procurement solutions to your plant/factory. Working in close coordination with the retailers, we provide highly customized energy procurement programs to our clients.

Our robust tendering model invites competitive participation from major retailers, serving you with a transparent and independent energy procurement model that imparts you better buying power and incredibly lower prices. Catering to larger clients with huge energy requirement, we do conduct individual tenders which allows us to present a customized energy management solution with considerable cost reduction.

Energy Management and Reporting

We have developed a full service energy management and reporting system by which we offer energy monitoring and management reporting service to our clients. Our system captures billing and energy consumption information from the meters of our clients and based on the market data collected, we provide our clients with a wide range of energy management reporting and advice.

We perform an extensive review of the existing electricity network tariffs charged to you. Based on its detailed analysis, we advise you on our systems, solutions and methodologies to optimise the same. By changing the network tariff structures considerable savings can be achieved. Based on an in-depth analysis of your energy consumption, we help you proactively control your energy expenses and minimise wastes and emissions resulting in significant amount of savings. In totality, we help you measure, monitor, manage your energy consumption and thereby save the same.

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