Government Downlight Replacement Scheme

A Sustainable Future with Government Downlight Replacement Scheme

Actual Energy is an authorised government downlight replacement scheme provider servicing South Australia. We are aware that the scheme provides a considerable return on investment, and we can help with that.  But are you aware that rules are covering these downlight upgrades? That’s where our lighting team come in and help with exceptional advice.

Whether you need replacement downlights or upgrading your existing lighting, we can help you transition to LED lighting. Of course, with minimal disruption and cost. We invite you to contact us for a free, no-obligation energy audit of your place of residence. A home energy audit allows you to ensure your home is as energy efficient as possible.  With our help, you can claim the grants and rebates on offer from the Government save on rising utility bills.

Hassle-Free Government Downlight Replacement Scheme

The government downlight replacement scheme will install LED downlights in your house, which will make you eligible to receive a grant. These grant offers are only available to people who get their old halogen or incandescent downlights replaced with more energy-efficient downlights. You can also save on your power bill and help protect the environment with this lighting technology.

When it comes to free downlights services, ours stand out. That’s because we deliver everything you need in one brand: LED lighting. We give you high-quality work light fixtures in our products, for lighting in homes and offices. Our products pay for themselves in energy savings, cutting down carbon emissions, and years of service with low maintenance costs.

Our team is an expert in downlights installation, with years of experience in government installations. We will help you get a government rebate for replacing incandescent light fixtures in your home or office with energy-efficient downlights. Additionally, we install, service and maintain all your downlights.

Government Downlight Replacement Scheme
Government Downlight Replacement Scheme

Government Downlight Replacement Scheme- It’s Time for a Change

Once you’ve decided on this government downlight replacement scheme, you need an expert to help you out with the switch-over. We are a professional firm authorised to provide energy pricing consulting services to the Australian energy market. Though we are a small energy consulting organisation, we can help you find competitive downlight installation services.

Because lighting accounts for about 20% of your electricity bill, you should at least consider installing downlights in your home. If you are still using incandescent light bulbs, it is time to take the plunge. Allow us to help you explore some of the top considerations when picking free downlight options for spaces.

Contact us for your next downlights installation project, including the government downlight replacement scheme.


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