South Australia Energy Efficiency Scheme

South Australia Energy Efficiency Scheme

South Australia Energy Efficiency Scheme - Surprisingly Easy Energy Savings

The South Australia energy efficiency scheme provides eligible households and businesses with free or reduced-cost energy-efficient products. As you might know, at Actual Energy, we’re committed to reducing the impacts of climate change. Even better, we’re committed to creating more opportunities for people and businesses to combine energy reduction with rewards.

That’s why we’re excited about the energy efficiency scheme that already has solid support from businesses and consumers. Under the incentive plan, we will test your appliances, install energy-efficient lighting. We can even help you save more money on your water heating costs. The scheme can help you and your family save more money on your monthly energy bill.

Our team is constantly looking for ways to provide additional programs to promote energy efficiency throughout the state. We recognise that market-driven incentives are much more effective than mandatory compliance. So, our focus is to use these incentives to influence consumer behaviour.

Certified South Australia Energy Efficiency Scheme Providers

South Australia energy efficiency scheme is the right step towards a modern and energy-efficient home. The right team and energy-saving product can make all the difference. Our friendly team is well-informed on our product range so they can provide you with detailed information on what will suit you best.

Are you looking to switch to LED lighting, install a solar hot water system or new air conditioning, and require qualified electricians? Our team of specialists can assist you. We provide solutions to install new technologies on your premises without impacting your daily operation.

It’s true — we genuinely do want to make the world a better place. This is why we’re actively campaigning for energy conservation and reduction initiatives. For all our clients out there, we’re offering subsidies on LED lighting products and much more. Because we know that saving money makes your business stronger, and that’s what we’re all about.

South Australia Energy Efficiency Scheme
South Australia Energy Efficiency Scheme

South Australia Energy Efficiency Scheme Environmentally Conscious People

South Australia energy efficiency scheme has so much to offer, especially for environmentally conscious ones. The cost of energy efficiency is substantial, but it will help save money in the long run. A good way to start saving money is to use a government-supported program that provides rebates on energy-efficient products for your home.

We believe our customers shouldn’t have to spend a lot on energy-saving products — we do it for them! The energy-saving products give people an easy way to participate in energy efficiency without spending more on the products themselves. Whether you want solar installation or LED lighting, our team can help you install and maintain your energy-saving systems.

You can get an energy-efficient kitchen or bathroom with just one call to our 24/7 customer service team that’s ready to assist you at any time. Our friendly professional staff will help you choose the perfect product for your budget.

We're helping businesses to reduce their energy through the South Australia energy efficiency scheme. Get in touch without a team and reclaim your energy incentives.


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