Free LED Lights

Free LED Lights

Innovative Free LED Lights Experts

Actual Energy is a highly recommended energy management solutions company that provides quality free LED lights for your home or business premises. We have been in the industry for many years; therefore, our friendly energy consultants will help you make informed decisions so that you can create eco-friendly environments.

Working with us comes with numerous benefits:

  • You’ll get seamless customer services from our team
  • We will offer you up to date and relevant information concerning the industry
  • We will supply and install durable and robust LED lighting for your space
  • Our team will guide you on selecting the best energy retailer for your needs
  • You’ll get quick and efficient services, including getting a quote within minutes

Our team understands that each home and business has its unique energy needs. Therefore, we will analyse your energy consumption and provide a customised solution. Contact us today to discuss your energy needs. Our team cannot wait to hear from you.

How We Install Free LED Lights in Your Home or Business

We take pride in offering quick and efficient free LED lights that are suitable for your space. Before we start the installation, our team will carry out a comprehensive analysis of your energy consumption and costs on your meter. Our team has developed a full-service management and reporting system, which we will use to monitor your system.

Our experts will then review the existing electricity network tariffs and advise you on how we intend to improve our energy efficiency using our systems. We will also help you control expenses, minimise wastes and emissions so that you can save money.

We will also source the best LED lighting for your factory, commercial building, and residential space using the analysis.

Free LED Lights
Free LED Lights

Why Install Free LED lights in Your Premises?

Free LED lights are a recommended installation in many homes and businesses today. Compared to other forms of lighting, LED lights stand out because of a variety of reasons. For instance, you’ll find a variety of LED lights in the market that come in different colour variations suitable for different environments and effects.

Apart from that, LED lights are best known for reducing energy costs. They don’t emit any heat, and they don’t consume much energy to light them.

If you have a business premise, these lights will ensure that you reduce operational costs, create an ideal space for your employees to work in, and increase energy efficiency. Eventually, this leads to guaranteed long-term benefits, a reduced carbon footprint, and your company’s growth.

Call Actual Energy for high-quality free LED lights for your space.


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Our Process

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Get In

No matter how you find us, whether it be by phone, email or referral, we can assist you and discuss the next steps regarding your enquiry.

Step 2

One On One Consultation

We will organise a 1-hour site visit to discuss the grants and incentives available through the State Government Initiative (REPS).

Step 3

Quotes &

Either presented on the day or 24-48 hours after, depending on the size of the job, we offer a free, no-obligation quote. Once satisfied, a standard contract is signed.

Step 4

Your Solution Delivered

Offering streamlined processes and tailored supply and installation solutions; we provide long warranty periods backed by our lighting suppliers.

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