LED Lights Government Scheme

LED Lights Government Scheme

What You Should Know About the LED Lights Government Scheme

The LED Lights Government Scheme is an incentive that seeks to reduce energy bills and energy consumption for homes and businesses. It also aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by providing energy-efficient LED upgrades. Therefore, if you have halogen lights or any other type of lights that consume energy, you can depend on this scheme for an upgrade.

With the upgrade, you will reduce operational costs in your home and business and provide bright light to your premises without having to use much energy.

The Essential Service Commission launched the program and branded it VEU (Victorian Energy Upgrades) in 2017. Apart from halogen lights, fluorescent tubes, high bays, candle-style bulbs, incandescent, CFLS, and shop lights are also eligible for upgrades.

If you’d like an accredited service provider that can help you with this, contact Actual Energy. We have experts on board who will do an excellent service and provide a quote within minutes.

Why We Are a Trusted LED Lights Government Scheme Provider

Actual Energy takes pride in being an accredited LED Lights Government Scheme installer that you can trust. We have innovative and friendly professionals who guarantee excellent customer service and technical excellence. Our team offers a wide range of services, including commercial LED installation, solar services, and providing expert advice when choosing the best energy retailer for your needs.

Since we have long-standing relationships with reputable retailers, we guarantee that we can provide long-term benefits and energy-efficient solutions based on your needs.

We also have a functional energy management and reporting system that we will use to analyse the existing energy consumption and electricity network tariffs. We will also supply you with quality, durable, and robust LED lighting that suits your needs and budget. Our qualified electrician will carry out the upgrade promptly and efficiently.

LED Lights Government Scheme
LED Lights Government Scheme

Benefits of LED Lights From the Government Scheme

Primarily, we all know that the LED Lights Government Scheme is an ideal upgrade for your home or business because they are energy-efficient. You don’t have to spend more money to light up your rooms or even decorate them. With these lights, you will also reduce the carbon footprint that other bulbs would release in the environment, which leads to a decrease in energy costs.

For businesses, replacing your old lights with LED lights comes with numerous benefits. Apart from being an energy-efficient solution, you save on operational costs. Your monthly bills reduce by a significant margin, actually, by an 80% margin. You can then use the money you save to expand your business.

We assure you that the LED lights we supply are durable, robust, low maintenance, and reduce air conditioning costs.

Get in touch with our team today if you need to access our LED Lights Government Scheme.


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