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Replacement of Conventional 400W High Bays with LEDs

Fisher & Paykel

Fisher & Paykel at Direk is a warehousing facility with operational times primarily 6am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Fisher & Paykel has an annualised usage of 133MWh making it a small energy user (<160MWh). The interior of the warehouse was lit with 80 conventional 400W Mercury Vapour High
Bays. These high bays were replaced with 125W OptiTech LEDs under the Retailer Energy Productivity scheme (REPS).

Subsequent to the lighting upgrade an assessment of the change in energy consumption (and consequently equivalent greenhouse gas emissions) has been made. The following figures show the change in the weekday average daily usage and the maximum power measured over a periodic (24-hour) cycle before and after the upgrade. The reduction in both quantities is clear.

Prior to lighting upgrade, the average of the total weekday consumption was 469kWh per day and the maximum power demand was 78.6kW. Following the upgrade, the average weekday consumption has reduced to 317kWh per day and the maximum power was reduced to 45.5kW.

The following table summarises the change in annualised weekday (250 days) consumption from the pre-LED usage (469 kWh per day) to the usage post-LED usage (317 kWh per day). The reduction in annualised consumption is estimated at 38,140 kWh and the savings amount to over $14,000 (based on a blended rate of peak and off-peak charges of 44 and 27 cents pre kWh). The reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is equivalent to 19.8 tonnes.

Pre-LED Upgrade (kWh) Post-LED Upgrade (kWh) Usage Reduction (kWh) Greenhouse Gas Reduction (tonnes) Annualised Savings
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